Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ashland, KY.....Portsmouth,OH......New Haven, CT.

While we were in Ashland, Kentucky one of my Dad's friends came to see us and he brought his son Miles. They were fun and I think my
dad enjoyed catching up. The next day we traveled 32 miles to Portsmouth, Ohio. I had a good time with Mikey and Oliver!

Review from Portsmouth

Just in case some of you think I am getting to live a glamourous life all the time...here is a shot of me getting a touch up on my hair. Notice the fancy accomodations!

I took this for my brother...he plays football. It is a weather vane on top of a buliding at Yale.....See the football players?

We all signed the wall in the Shubert Theatre, Ricky told us about some of the history of this place. It has been the preview theatre for some big Broadway hits, now our names are right there with some of the biggest names in theatre.

Next weekend we close. I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends and family at home but I'm not looking forward to telling my Annie family good-bye......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Manhattan..........Kansas, Philadelphia and the University of Virginia

We were on the campus of Kansas State University in Manhattan. This is the Theatre advertising the shows for this season. Recognize anyone up there?

Our company manager, Jack. got all the orphans "Ugly Dolls" we were playing with them in the Manhattan airport. He is so nice to us.


Ivy, her Mom, my Dad and I went exploring, here I am with the Liberty Bell and Ivy and I are in the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed! Pretty Cool.

One night we set up a Wii "Just Dance" party in the lobby, even the adults got into it.....or at least they tried!

We had a kids against my Dad snowball fight........he lost!

Zack, from last year's tour and Mom came to visit in Philly, Yea!

Making Smores, what a nice snack.

Zander sotle a marshmallow

How many fingers am I holding up? Yep 3, because here in Philadelphia, on Sunday afternoon, a bunch of us celebrated our 300th tour performance of Annie!

At the University of Virginia my Dad got to sit in with the orchestra during sound check. He really liked getting to play while we were checking!

Trumpet dudes Jeff, Arlo and Dad

I had to look in to make sure he was playing the right notes.

Well that's all for now, we only have a few more stops then this tour of Annie will be finished...........that just doesn't seem possible.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Modesto and a wonderful Golden Day in San Francisco!!!!

In Modesto we played in a really neat theatre my dressing room was very nice.

Thought you might like to see some of the guys in the orchestra.

We have Adam, the brass section and Jeffrey at sound check.

We were treated to a reception after our opening show. It was very nice, these shots are from that night.

We met some students who had won an essay contest about the importance of the arts.

Getting started on a Golden Day (No show or travel) in The City By the Bay!
Since we were in San Francisco we had to ride a cable car. We got on where they turn the car around then hold on for a fun ride.

We ran into Cy during the day....here is some of the crazyness we got into.

Some of the orphans finished off the night with a crepe on Pier 39....yummy!!

Good-bye San Francisco I'll see you again though, I'm sure!

Next we're going to Manhattan.............Kansas that is.

Visiting Montana

Here are some scenes from beautiful Montana. We played shows in Missoula and Great Falls.

Ivy and I took some shots by the bears that were in our hotel lobby in Great Falls....don't we look scared.

We were in Missoula for Mardi Gras and we staged the Krewe of Annie parade on the way to the theatre. My Dad played the trumpet as we 2nd lined through the street.

Next we're headed to California.......again.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sleepless in.......................................(Sorry, I just couldn't pass it up)....Seattle!

We just finished a week in Washington and was it fun! We were in Yakima for a few days then on to Seattle. My Mom came in to visit this weekend, my cousin Bonnie came up from Portland to see the show and we got a visit from our director Martin, this all added to a great time.

I have to say I think that this is the best name for a hotel that we have ever stayed in.

Seattle had so much to see that we couldn't fit everything in but one of my favorite sights was the fish market where they throw the fish. When we asked if Ivy and I could take a picture with the fish catcher......he tossed me a fish!......................................YUCK!!

We did secret Valentine's during the week, ending up with a party where we tried to guess who had who. I tried to fool Jillian but she guessed that I had her; Kai had me and she showered me with really cool gifts all week.

I get to meet so many people at the stage door after our performances, but this week Ethan really stood out. He had some very good questions and really knew a lot about the theatre.

I just wanted to close out this post by wishing everyone a Happy Mardi Gras! I hope y'all catch a bunch of beads at the parades!!!